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Store Closing December 31

At midnight on December 31, 2015, the Invisible University School of Hard Knocks store will be closing. It's been a great four years, and we've issued thousands of internationally accredited Ph.D. diplomas to deserving students. More importantly, we've shared our "Above all else, strive to be a decent human being." message with millions of our Facebook fans and given away thousands of James Allen's classic As A Man Thinketh ebooks. At the end of the day, we hope we've been able to help the people we've touched to live a richer, more meaningful life.

Closeout Special!

Get TWO internationally accredited Ph.D. diplomas for just $29.99! Get one for your office and one for your home, get one for yourself and give one away, or give both away!

The Invisible University School of Hard Knocks internationally accredited life experience Ph.D. diploma is the perfect unique gift that will be cherished all year. Our Ph.D. diploma acknowledges the value of lessons learned at "the most expensive school in the world".

Each diploma is printed on university card stock our foil embossed school seal. It's a perfect conversation piece for your home or office. It is always cherished as a unique gift, bringing a smile whenever it is seen.

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